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Reopening Your Oral Health Dreams… Again!

Denali COVID Re-opening

There’s no easy way to put this—we’ve all been through a lot these past couple of months. But, to put the cherry on the cake of a rather tiring set of reopening, closing, and reopening, again and again, Denali Dental is following suit, and your local dentists are ready to help you reach your oral health goals… again.    Is …

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Face your Dental Fears and Foes this Halloween


Autumn is here! The weather is a little colder, the leaves have changed into a boisterous display of fall colours and most importantly, we have reached the season of spooky splendour! The time has come where costumes, candy, and pumpkins are on full display!

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Create a tooth-healthy lunch with these essential nutrients


 As a parent, there are many simple ways that you can help keep your son or daughter’s teeth in good shape this school year! One of those ways is by creating a fun and healthy lunch.  Whether you’re opting for virtual or in-class learning in the Milton school district, right now is a great time for you and your child …

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Infection Control: What do dentists really know?


Over the last few months, COVID-19 has challenged health professionals’ knowledge of infection control and has changed the dental industry forever. And if you haven’t noticed, businesses are reacting in considerable ways. The changes at most clinics are even more pronounced, given that dentists work directly in people’s mouths. Sometimes, the best prevention practices are good old common sense. It …

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7 Ways to maintain your oral health at home during COVID-19


The COVID-19 outbreak has undoubtedly disrupted many of our daily routines. Working from home and adjusting to new routines, has made it easy to forget just how important keeping up with dental care can be. Dental office closures across the country during COVID-19, shows just how important it is to focus on your dental care, especially during times like these. …

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