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Dental Emergencies

We offer same-day Dental Emergency services in Milton

There are a few dental issues that can qualify as an emergency. The biggest indicator of a dental emergency is severe pain in the gums or teeth.

  • Gums that continue to bleed
  • Jaw injuries, that include dislocation or possible fractures
  • Severe sensitivity of the tooth
  • A persistent throbbing toothache

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

  • Tooth or Gums Injury from a Fall

    If you fall and injure your mouth, some of your teeth could become loose. If this is the case, give us a call at our Milton dental office and we will try to see you right away. You might need to go to the ER if the injury is very serious or you think your jaw might be broken.

  • Knocked-Out Teeth

    This could result from a blow to your jaw or a fall. If your tooth gets knocked out, first, call your our Milton dental office right away. Also try locating the fallen out teeth. When you find it, avoid holding it by its roots. If possible, try putting it back into its position in the socket. If this isn’t possible, place your tooth in a glass of water or milk and carry it to the dentist’s office. The goal is keeping it moist at all costs.

  • Emergency Toothache

    A toothache could be a sign of various underlying issues. If you experience a sudden severe toothache, let your dentist know before attempting any first aid measures. As you prepare to meet your dentist, take a pain reliever, and give your mouth a rinse using warm water. Holding a cold compress over the affected region will also help ease the pain. It would be best if you remembered that heat sources could only make the condition worse and should therefore be avoided. If there is any food debris around the aching tooth, try gently dislodging it using dental floss.

  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth

    Sometimes, there may not be enough room on the jaw for wisdom teeth to come out. Thus, they get stuck below the gum surface and develop at abnormal angles, causing complications. That is the thing with wisdom teeth; they are always accompanied by chaos. The pain is immense, and you may have problems chewing. Besides, the surrounding gums get irritated, and you may experience bad breath. Give our dental clinic in Milton a call if you suspect you have wisdom teeth issues.

  • Abscessed Gums

    Although abscessed gums are indeed a serious issue, most people do not see them that way. All they see is a pimple that will go away on its own. This isn’t the case, as abscessed gums could be a sign of a severe underlying issue. An abscess is a pocket of pus located between the gums and teeth or on the roots. It is always a sign of gum infection and can be treated by a root canal. Abscessed gums can become severely painful causing a dental emergency.

  • Broken Tooth

    While a small break shouldn’t worry you, a large one should send you running to the dentist. Your dentist will determine the correct procedure to conserve your tooth. Before then, rinse your mouth and hold a pack of ice against the affected part to relieve the pain.

If you are experiencing any of the emergencies listed above, please call us immediately. An emergency needs to be taken care of sooner rather than later.

Toothache? Broken tooth or braces? Gum infection? Broken or lost fillings? Emergency Root Canals?

In case of any dental emergency, call our dental clinic in Milton.

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