Face your Dental Fears and Foes this Halloween

Autumn is here! The weather is a little colder, the leaves have changed into a boisterous display of fall colours and most importantly, we have reached the season of spooky splendour! The time has come where costumes, candy, and pumpkins are on full display! 

Although haunted houses and pumpkin patches may be missing in action this year, there are still ways to celebrate the day and enjoy a good Halloween scare – unless, there’s something far scarier that you’ve been dreading…your upcoming dental appointment!

Once you’ve stepped into the all too familiar office setting and approach the front desk, your knees start to buckle. The bone-chilling sounds of mystifying gadgets and tools being used in what you can only imagine is a cold, stainless-steel torture chamber, make your heart race. All of a sudden, you’re next.

If this scenario gave you a spook, don’t worry, you’re not alone! You’re a part of the 40% of Canadian adults who experience dental anxiety. At Denali Dental, we want you to help curb your fears and rid you of these all too familiar feelings. 

While we understand why many patients fear the dentist, we also know that the staff at our Milton office want to assure you that there is no reason to feel this way!

Have questions about your procedure, the tools that will be used or just need a bit of casual conversation with your dentist to help calm your nerves? No problem. We encourage our patients to communicate with us so that we can help make you as comfortable as possible throughout your appointment. 

This Halloween season we want to encourage you to fight your dental fears and rest assured, you most definitely do not have to fight them alone!

Reach out to Denali Dental on our Facebook page or give us a call at (289) 409-9046 and we will be more than happy to set up a consultation with you and help ease your anxieties.


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