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Kids Dentist

kids dentist miltonGentle Pediatric Dentistry in Milton

Our team of dentists are trained in dealing with the dental treatment of a special group of patients – from babies, toddlers, children to young adults (those under 18 years of age).

Our dentists place a significant importance on the maintenance of the primary teeth and in preventing tooth decay. They also monitor growth and development of the dentition and jaws.

They are trained in the care of special needs patients including those with significant medical, physical or mental disabilities.

Why You Should Take Your Child to the Dentist

Pediatric Dentistry by our General Dentists offers several benefits.

  1. Your child will more likely develop a healthy, positive relationship with the dentist and experience less fear in the future.
  2. Your dentist can examine your child’s tooth and mouth development and catch any problems at an early stage.
  3. Your dentist can identify signs of oral diseases or tooth decay.

The dental habits your children form in their youth can have a large impact on their future oral health. Your dentist can advise you on how to provide proper oral care for your child. Learn more about children’s dental needs at the Canadian Dental Association website.


We offer regular check-ups and cleanings along with sealants, and restorative treatments. Bring your children in early and often to encourage dental health from a young age. Schedule your child’s first appointment by the time he or she turns one.