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Dr. Ban Fakhri



Dr. Ban grew up in Iraq and obtained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree in 2002. As a dentist, she’s been with Sana Dentistry since 2016. Her inspiration to enter the field came from her family. Since Dr. Ban was surrounded by relatives in the health care profession, she knew she wanted to become a health care practitioner when she was a child. She lives near the office and is happy to be part of a very multicultural community.

Treatment Philosophy

For Dr. Ban, the best part of being a dentist is being able to alleviate your pain in a comfortable atmosphere. She likes meeting new people and enjoys seeing overjoyed patients react positively to their natural-looking smile. By constantly evaluating herself, she believes she’s able to provide patients the best care possible.

Home Life

Outside the office, Dr. Ban teaches dental students because she too is passionate about educating others. She also spends time with her family, including her two boys, Mustafa and Ziad. They love swimming, soccer, basketball, and Xbox. A perfectionist, Dr. Ban is known for paying attention to the smallest details.

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