4 Ways to get rid of your kid’s dental anxiety

4 Ways to get rid of your kid’s dental anxiety - Dentist Milton - Denali Dental

As summer approaches and your kid’s schedules get even busier with sports and activities, now is the time to get dental visits out of the way. The problem is many parents dread taking their kids to the dentists almost as much as their kids dread sitting on the chair – even if only for a checkup.

If this sounds like you and your kids – don’t sweat it! It’s totally normal for kids to fear the pain, obstructed breathing and sense of powerlessness that they can feel.

Here are 4 ways you can help them overcome their anxiety:

  1. Don’t keep upcoming visits a secret. Predictability is the key. Letting them know will allow them to prepare mentally and ask questions about what is coming up.
  2. Teach them how to find their calm. This is a perfect opportunity to help them learn techniques like deep breathing and positive visualization.
  3. Be a good example. The way you react when you come from the dentists is important. Try not to show them how much pain you are in. Also, don’t bribe them with sugary treats – that’s just counterproductive!
  4. Start early and be consistent. Find a dentist your kids are comfortable with and don’t wait too long between visits. Starting early (by their first birthday) is ideal. Also reading dental related storybooks can be very helpful.

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