Create a tooth-healthy lunch with these essential nutrients

Create a tooth-healthy lunch with these essential nutrients - Dentist Milton - Denali Dental

 As a parent, there are many simple ways that you can help keep your son or daughter’s teeth in good shape this school year! One of those ways is by creating a fun and healthy lunch. 

Whether you’re opting for virtual or in-class learning in the Milton school district, right now is a great time for you and your child to get together and set health and educational goals. Creating a healthy lunch not only gives kids the energy to stay focused but also helps them fend off plaque, periodontal disease and cavities.

Here are some key things to look out for when planning lunch for your kids.

Vitamin C 

Red peppers, strawberries and oranges are some foods that are some great snacks that are also high in Vitamin C. These foods keep your gums healthy by strengthening both blood vessels and connective tissue. To keep snacks like these fresh throughout the day, slice them up ahead of time and keep them in individual zip lock baggies, making them an easy, on-the-go, snack.

Vitamin D 

Foods like hard-boiled eggs and tuna fish are jam-packed with Vitamin D. They’re not only protein-rich, but these superfoods also help aid in the absorption of calcium and protein, two key ingredients needed to make strong teeth. Use a thermal lunch box to help keep these items cold until lunchtime and avoid any problems. 


Calcium is actually one of the best food allies when it comes to maintaining strong teeth. This food group is one of the most important nutrients for growing adult teeth, as it strengthens tooth enamel. Foods rich in calcium, including yogurt and cheese, can help to strengthen your teeth and jaw bone while also protecting your mouth against tooth decay. A lot of dairy-rich are available in easy-to-pack single-serving containers. Fun fact, almonds are extremely rich in calcium so give them a try for a non-dairy alternative snack. 

By incorporating these essential nutrients into your child’s lunches, you will be able to help care for their teeth and maintain their oral health between their yearly dental cleanings. 

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