Millennials care about their teeth a lot – they just don’t take care of them!

Millennials care about their teeth a lot – they just don’t take care of them! - Dentist Milton - Denali Dental

A recent survey shows that more than 55% of millennials care about losing their teeth and yet only three out of ten brush their teeth once a day. More interesting (or concerning) is that more than 50% are afraid of going to the dentist

Millennials loosely described as people born between 1981 and 1996 are unique in that they have come into adulthood at a time when health is a part of our daily concern and people are taking far more deliberate steps to take care of themselves than ever before. But with busy schedules and social lives, it seems oral health isn’t much of a priority. As long as your teeth are not hurting, why bother spending the time, right?

Well…. no! Oral health care, like other health care, obviously needs constant preventative maintenance. According to our dentists, this translates to [only] brushing two times a day, flossing once and visiting the dental clinic a minimum of every 6 months

As mentioned above, the ‘visiting a dentist’ part is what millennials find so difficult even though it is arguably the most important. Brushing and flossing at home are just not enough to get rid of harmful plaque that builds up over time. With regular check-ups, your dentist will pick up on any potential issues which can help you to prevent the trauma of toothaches and major decay.

But let’s be honest, the most important factor for millennials is physical appearance. Fear of losing your teeth surely should out-weight a little discomfort at the dental clinic. And given that preventative care is far less painful (not to mention less expensive) than restorative or cosmetic dentistry, it really is a no-brainer not to put-off booking that next appointment.

If you’re a millennial and want to buck the trend – book your next appointment at Denali Dental today!

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