How to Make Your Teeth Completely Stain Free!

How to Make Your Teeth Completely Stain Free! - Dentist Milton - Denali Dental Dental whitening products and services are becoming are widely available in the market and this procedure is becoming more common every day. However, whether it is at-home dental whitening kits or whitening treatments at your dentist, the results aren’t always satisfactory and the effect of the whitening procedure usually lasts for a mere 2 to 3 weeks.

At Denali Dental, we recognized the need for a more effective and longer lasting dental whitening treatment and introduced Zoom Whitening treatment in our practice. Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment is designed to whiten stained and discoloured teeth by as many as eight shades! This painless procedure is quick and the effects are visible for a long time.

This is a simple non-invasive, non-surgical procedure and where a hydrogen peroxide gel will be applied on your teeth after safely securing your gums and lips. Once treated, a special light will be used to break up the stains and discoloration on your teeth and give you whiter and brighter teeth. For the best results, our dentists recommend using this procedure immediately after a dental cleaning.

Whether it is discoloration due to drinking excessive coffee, smoking, or natural discoloration that has occurred over time, the Zoom Whitening Procedure has proven to be a revolutionary discovery when it comes to teeth whitening treatments.

At Denali Dental, you can schedule your visit and achieve desired results in less than 2 hours. What’s more? You can do so in a pain-free and comfortable atmosphere. Book a free consultation at Denali Dental and experience Zoom whitening for yourself.

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